• Beauty Tips

    How to Get Long and Healthy Hair Naturally

    Most of the girls want long hair and they do whatever they can do to get that. Sometime the wrong lifestyle becomes the reason of not having long hair. Most of people don’t know what they should do to get best results in the growth of hair. Well if you use well maintained hair care…

  • Fait skin

    Important Tips to Get Fair Skin Naturally

    If you want to have fair skin but don’t want to use any cosmetics or surgery you can get it easily by using simple method. You can use home made items to have brighter skin. Take a look on that Protect yourself from sunlight: – The scorching ray of sunlight can damage your skin layer.,…

  • bad relationships

    What Can You Learn from Bad Relationship?

    In your life relationship teaches you a lot. It can make you a stronger person in which you easily inspect a person. So don’t think too much about the bad memory of your relationship, and chill out with your life. Time is the greatest remedy for all hurdles in life. One should positive approach after…

  • teen skin

    Important Tips to Take Care of Your Skin in Teen Age

    The teenage is an age where usually your skin is sensitive. As it is growing age so in this stage you will confront many changes in your skin. Most of the teen worried about their skin. So they use many products and cosmetics to maintain the beauty of skin. Here Look Glamours giving some important…

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    7 Foods That Keep you Energetic and Stress-Free

    Stress has become the part our life but it makes us lost with hypothetical questions and tension about the future and present life. When we take stress it reciprocates easily and we get deeply indulged in it and influence other people by giving them stress. We get easily short tempered when someone try to talk…

  • girl-eating-salad

    10 Best Foods for Your Heart Health

    The reality of the matter is that our health is thoroughly relying on our diet. Nowadays our life is very busy so we are habitual of taking junk food and oily foods that can increase the rick of hart attacks. For the health of your heart here are few super foods that help you to…